Sevilleta News

July 2nd Thursday Night UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar-Rachel Perez

Thursday night, July 2, 2015, the UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar speaker is Rachel Perez presenting "Seasonality patterns of skin peptides in surviving Colostethus panamensis after disease outbreak in Panama." Rachel is a graduate student at NM Tech in the lab of Dr. Jamie Voyles. Her interests lie under the themes of epidemiology, disease ecology, and conservation. She is particularly interested in understanding the effects the environment can have on host-pathogen interactions and susceptibility to disease.

2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest Predictions

Below are this years entries for the Monsoon Prediction Contest. Predictions were submitted by 44 people. If you really think that you submitted a guess and it is not on the list, please contact me immediately - it could have gotten lost. There was an 11.3 mm event at Cerro Montoso on the 26th and more moisture is promised for the remaining days of June. July 3rd was the most popular choice this year with 6 selections. July 7th was second with 5 picks.

June 25th Thursday Night UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar- Will Pockman

Thursday night, June 25, 2015, the UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar speaker is Will Pockman presenting " Linking physiology and ecology at the Sevilleta LTER " Dr. Pockman is Professor in Biology at the University of NM and is the Director of the Sevilleta LTER. His research focuses on plant physiological and ecosystem ecology, with particular emphasis on the role of water uptake and transport on transpiration and photosynthesis, drought and freezing tolerance, and their influence on species distributions and climate change responses from individuals to ecosystems.

Time's Awasting

Okay folks, time's awasting. Predictions for this years monsoon
contest have slowed to a trickle... actually to nothing. You may
remember that I predicted that we would probably have to go thru at
least some period of hot and dry before the arrival of the true
monsoons. Well, I think this past week or so should have met those
conditions. Therefore, I might suggest that those still consulting their
favorite seer, crystal ball, or Ouija board get those predictions
sent in soon, before either the monsoon does start or my entry

June 18th, 2015 Thursday Night UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar - Marcy Litvak

Thursday night, June 18, 2015, the UNM Sevilleta Field Station Summer Seminar speaker is Marcy Litvak presenting "Use of a Flux Tower Network to Quantify Ecosystem Processes in Southwestern U.S. Biomes". Dr. Litvak is a Professor at the University of New Mexico. Her primary research focus is investigating how processes that exchange carbon, water and energy between the land surface and the atmosphere vary across ecological gradients.

Sevilleta LTER Overview

The Sevilleta LTER (SEV) studies fundamental ecological concepts and theories through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research program guided by the general question:how do abiotic drivers and constraints affect the pulse dynamics and stability of aridland populations, communities and ecosystems?   We focus intensively on Chihuahuan desert grassland and shrubland, juniper savanna and pinon-juniper (PJ) woodland around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley in central New Mexico. Read More