Sevilleta News

Laura Ladwig Successfully Defends PhD Dissertation

Congratulations to UNM Biology/Sevilleta LTER graduate student and researcher Laura Ladwig on succcessfully defending her dissertation, Abiotic drivers of Chihuahuan Desert plant communities. Laura's reseach, which included long-term Sevilleta LTER data sets and experiments, as well as her own research on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, investigated the roles of moisture, fire, cold, and nutrients on Chihuahuan Desert grass and shrubland systems.

BEMP Science Excites 4th Graders from Cottonwood Valley Charter School

A group of 4th graders from Cottonwood Valley Charter School in Soccoro, New Mexico had a great time creating hydropgraphs this past week. With help from the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP), the students used data from the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge spanning 2003 to present to illustrate changes in groundwater levels over time. Congratulations to BEMP for continuing to get young people excited about science and ecology! Click on the attached photo for evidence.  

March 2014 - Met Central - No March Madness... Weatherwise

No real weather madness during March around here this year. With the exception of precipitation, most climate variables came in about as close to normal as ever happens. Both maximum and minimum temperatures generally bounced above and below normal throughout the month so that monthly means ended virtually normal. This is a little surpring considering the lack of moisture in the air and/or falling out of the air. There were 2 new low temperature records set during the month.

February 2014 - Met Central - Short Winter

It may feel like summer is just around the corner but I will predict that winter will probably throw us a few more curves.

January 2014 Met Central - Precipitation = Goose Egg

January was not very newsworthy or at least not weather-worthy... in New Mexico. TV weather-casters had almost nothing to show on their radar as clouds were few and far between. Even when present little fell out of them. A big high locked over the western half of the US sent the jet stream and hence the moisture all north. The only talking point became the number of days since the last precipitation. The last precipitation in Albuquerque (and on the Sev) was Dec 21. The record for Albuquerque during the Dec - Feb period was 41 days (1927-28).

Sevilleta LTER Overview

The Sevilleta LTER (SEV) studies fundamental ecological concepts and theories through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research program guided by the general question:how do abiotic drivers and constraints affect the pulse dynamics and stability of aridland populations, communities and ecosystems?   We focus intensively on Chihuahuan desert grassland and shrubland, juniper savanna and pinon-juniper (PJ) woodland around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley in central New Mexico. Read More