2017 Monsoon Contest Winner

Okay, we have a winner!

Lest you had forgotten, the Sevilleta Monsoon Contest is, or was,
still in progress. Sorry, but this years contest has again been
fraught with a few problems. In particular wireless communication
problems resulted in the inability to see data from many of the
stations on the refuge during much of the July. Data from the
accessible stations seem to indicate no qualifying storms had hit the
refuge. Renee Brown returned wireless access to all of the missing
stations (except the one at the field station) last Thur and it
appeared that this might indeed be the case. Hold that thought. Radar
on Saturday the 22nd showed considerable activity over portions of the
refuge and indeed two of the stations on the refuge (Deep Well and
Cerro Montoso) topped the 20 mm mark. However, Before Este,Seth, Adam
and Nate get too excited, it turns out that when the connectivity to
the the field station met station finally got restored today there was
actually a 21.32 mm event there on July 13th beginning at 5:58 PM.

So looking at the list of this year's entrants (below), it appears
that Laura Ladwig (a former UNM Biology grad student) is this year's
winner with a prediction of 3:30 PM on July 13. Coming in second is
Kathy Granillo and third went to John Wainwright.

Thank you all for participating in this years contest.


2017 Monsoon Prediction Contest Entrants and Predictions:

			   Date	        	Time
Adam Collins		June 25			4:11 PM
Taffeta Elliot		July 2			4:13 PM
Jon Erz			July 3			4:56 PM
Shirley Kirk		July 3			6:10 PM
Julie Coonrod		July 3			8:08 PM
Joseph Cook		July 4			5:00 PM
Roman Zlotin		July 4			6:00 PM
Richard Brazier		July 4			18:01
Alex Wells		July 5			6:16 PM
Tina Vesbach		July 5			19:08
Hannah Burnham		July 7			3:32 PM
Wil Pockman		July 7			7:47 PM
Thomas Merchant		July 8 			7:37 PM
Will Pockman		July 8			7:41 PM
Scott Collins		July 9			4:44 PM	
Thomas Thompson		July 10			5:14 PM	
Laura Crossey		July 11			1:00 PM
Olivia Carril		July 11 		2:30 PM
Alecia Hallmark 	July 11			4:30 PM
Eva Detweiler		July 11			5:00 PM
Stephanie Baker		July 12			4:00 PM
Tim Lowery		July 12			4:00 PM
Stephen Cabaniss	July 12			4:30 PM
Laura Ladwig		July 13			3:30 PM
Kathy Granillo		July 14			4:30 PM
John Wainwright		July 14			4:42 PM
Jim Thibault		July 14			5:20 PM
Kaija Gahm		July 15			4:30 PM
Ashley Rosales		July 16			6:00 PM
Juan Camacho		July 16			7:00 PM
Kim Fike		July 17			4:17 PM
Richard Cripps		July 17 		7:00 PM
Tom Miller		July 19 		6:52 PM
Rina Oullette		July 20			12:00 PM
Chuck Hayes		July 20			2:00 AM
Este Muldavin		July 22			4:00 PM
Seth Munson		July 22			4:39 PM
Adam Nash		July 22			6:01 PM
Nate McDowell		July 22			11:00 PM
Kristin Vanderbilt	July 23			4:55 PM
Jennifer Holguin 	July 27			8:30 PM
Jenny Noble		Aug 2			4:45 PM
Renee Brown		Aug 3			6:39 PM
Maria Lane		Aug 5			4:45 PM
Eric Toolson		Aug 5 			19:44
Nathan Gehres		Aug 7			3:00 PM

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