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Book Chapter
Wainwright J, Mueller E.N., Bellot J., Papanastasis V., Parmenter RR, Martinez N., Estrany J., Couteron P..  2013.  Characterizing Patterns. Patterns of land degradation in drylands. Understanding self-organized ecogeomorphic systems. :211-246.
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Conference Paper
Gosz JR, Parmenter RR, Marshall DL.  1992.  Ecological indicators in a desert/grassland transition. International Symposium, October 16-19, 1990. :739-763.
Conference Proceedings
Parmenter RR, MacMahon JA.  1992.  Faunal Community Development on Disturbed Lands: An Indicator of Reclamation Success. Evaluating Reclamation Success: The Ecological Consideration - Proceedings of a Symposium. :73-89.
Parmenter RR.  1999.  Sevilleta long-term ecological research program: Measuring ecosystem responses to environmental change. Rio Grande Ecosystems: Linking Land, Water, and People: Toward a Sustainable Future for the Middle Rio Grande Basin. RMRS-P-7:164-169.
Parmenter RR.  1992.  The Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research Program: Measuring Ecosystem Responses to Environmental Change. Proceedings of the 1992 New Mexico Conference on the Environment.
Journal Article
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