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Book Chapter
Jumpponnen A., Porras-Alfaro A, Rudgers J.  2017.  Biogeography of root-associated endophytes. Ecological Studies. 230:195-222.
Journal Article
Porras-Alfaro A, Sinsabaugh RL, Lipinski K., Herrera J, Natvig DO.  2011.  Diversity and distribution of soil fungal communities in a semiarid grassland. Mycologia. 103(1):10-21.
Porras-Alfaro A, Herrera J, Natvig DO, Sinsabaugh RL.  2007.  Effect of long-term nitrogen fertilization on mycorrhizal fungi associated with a dominant grass in a semiarid grassland. Plant Soil. 296:65-75.
Porras-Alfaro A, Raghavan S., Garcia M., Sinsabaugh RL, Natvig DO, Lowrey TK.  2014.  Endophytic fungal symbionts associated with gypsophilous plants. Botany. 92(4):295-301.
Khidir H.H., Eudy D.M., Porras-Alfaro A, Herrera J, Natvig DO, Sinsabaugh RL.  2010.  A general suite of fungal endophytes dominate the roots of two dominant grasses in a semiarid grassland. Journal of Arid Environments. 74:35-42.
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Green LE, Porras-Alfaro A, Sinsabaugh RL.  2008.  Translocation of nitrogen and carbon integrates biotic crust and grass production in desert grassland. Journal of Ecology. 96:1076-1085.