2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest Predictions

Below are this years entries for the Monsoon Prediction Contest. Predictions were submitted by 44 people. If you really think that you submitted a guess and it is not on the list, please contact me immediately - it could have gotten lost. There was an 11.3 mm event at Cerro Montoso on the 26th and more moisture is promised for the remaining days of June. July 3rd was the most popular choice this year with 6 selections. July 7th was second with 5 picks. Not that it's good for any extra points but I think Cliff Dahm's guess, emailed from Bodo Norway, probably came from the greatest distance. There were several guesses from the U.K. as well.

Good Luck to all


2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest Entrants and Predictions:

			   Date	        	Time
John Mulhouse		June 26			 4:00 pm
Laura Ladwig		June 26th		 4:30 pm
Zlotin, Roman		June 26			 5 pm
Laura Turnbull		June 27			 16:46
Robert Waide		June 28			 6:14 pm
Nancy Grimm		June 28th		 1900
Salvador Bastien	June 28			 9:26 PM
Jon Erz	 		June 29th 		 4:44 PM
Kristin Vanderbilt	June 30			 5:38 pm
Cliff Dahm		July 1			 5:00 pm
Julie Coonrod		Jul 1			 8:30 pm
Karen W. Wright		July 2nd 		 3 PM
William T. Pockman	July 2 			 4:37p
Tim Lowrey 		July 2			 4:45pm
Marcy Litvak		July 2			 6:47 pm
Brittney White		July 3 			 10:51 AM
Matee Wolf		July 3			 2:22pm
Jeannine Kimble		July 3rd 		 4:27 pm
Adam Rodriguez 		July 3rd		 530 pm
Caitlin Lippitt		July 3rd		 5:34 pm
Ted Zobeck		July 3			 6:15pm
Joslyn Bustamante	July 4th		 4:47 PM
Richard Brazier		July 4th		 18:00
Megan McClung		July 5th		 4 pm
Briana Becerra		July 6			 1:45 pm
Greg Shore		July 7			 7:07 AM
Scott Collins		7 July			 4:12 PM
John Wainwright		July 7th		 17:27
Andrew Cunliffe		July 7th		 17:30
Sophia Zaynor		July 7th		 7:07 pm
Kellen Paine		July 8th		 3:00 PM
Stephanie Baker		July 8th 		 430 pm
Becky Bixby		8 July			 2:38 pm
John Vande Castle	July 9 			 4:31PM
William Brewer		July 12 		 7 pm
Debra Peters		July 13 		 5:25 pm
Jim Thibault		July 14			 5:00 PM
Ann O'Brien		July 14th 		 7:03 pm
Anny Chung		July 15 		 3:30 pm
Puttock, Alan		July 15th		 8:00 PM
Don Natvig		July 16			 5:30 PM
Seth Munson		July 19			 16:43
Bob Parmenter		July 21			 5:46 PM
Esteban Muldavin	July 22			 3:30 pm
Joseph Cook		July 24			 5:00 pm

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