Discontinued Sevilleta LTER Plant Line-Intercept Transects

The line-intercept transects included in this data set have been discontinued. These transects were installed to evaluate temporal and spatial dynamics in vegetation transition zones (e.g.black grama grassland/creosote shrubland) at one centimeter resolution. Each study site originally contained four 400 m transects, representing total coverage of 1 sq km. The transects were placed along a roughly north/south azimuth.

The northwestern and southwestern transects were 100 meters from the western edge of the 1 sq km study area and the northeastern and southeastern transects were 100 m from the eastern edge, providing 800 meters between the eastern and western transects. The northeastern and northwestern transects began to the north and, after an interval of 200 meters, the southeastern and northeastern transects began, terminating at the southern edge of the study area.

Ongoing line-intercept transect data for transect 1, which continues to be sampled at both Deep Well and Five Points, can be found in SEV004.