Field Station Meteorological Station (No. 1)


Field Station Meteorological Station (No. 1) is located just north of UNM's Sevilleta Field Station. Access is via exit #169 from I-25, taking the road into the refuge leadin to the US Fish and Wildlife Sevilleta headquarters and taking the turn-off to the UNM Field Station. The met station is located about 100 m north of the northern most buildings in the compound

Site Details: 

Located just east of the breaks from the ridge running just west of the field station. Washes running from west to east bracket the station to the north and south. Station sit on a low ridge which separates these 2 drainages.
Bluepoint Calca complex
Desert grasslands with a mixture of shrubs Larrea, mesquite and atriplex as well as junipers.
Surface water present only during rainfall events (particularly summer thunderstorms).