2018 Graduate Student Summer Fellowship

The Sevilleta LTER program has allocated funds to support a limited number of graduate student summer fellowships for the 2018 field season. The Sevilleta LTER site includes the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge and surroundings, as well as the Middle Rio Grande Bosque from Cochiti to Elephant Butte.

Stipends will be preferentially awarded to graduate students using Sevilleta LTER field locations as their primary research sites. Summer projects do not necessarily have to be part of current Sevilleta LTER research, but priority will be given to work that compliments and potentially enhances ongoing LTER research.

Some examples of LTER research that could benefit from graduate student research include creosote transition/rainfall manipulation experiments, investigations of ET flux and nutrient dynamics in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque, nighttime warming and monsoon rainfall manipulation experiments, and explorations of trophic linkages and dynamics.

Summer fellowships will be for up to $4,000 and may be used for any category of expenditure (e.g., salary, materials/supplies, equipment, and/or travel, including travel to a scientific meeting to present SEV-related research results), but not for purchase of computers or major research equipment. Payment is via a stipend that will be split into two payments (e.g., $3,500 and $500).