Met Central - 2014 Annual Summary

In many ways 2014 seemed to be a carbon copy of 2013. The only good news with respect to non-monsoon precipitation was that it was not as bad as 2013 - actually only the 6th lowest in Sev's 26 year history. As in 2013 monsoon moisture came relatively early although the monsoon contest qualifying storm did not arrive until July 29. With a slightly wetter than normal July, a slightly drier than normal August and a considerably wetter than normal September, the monsoons came in at 151 mm - about 115% of normal. This was still well behind 2013 monsoon of 208 mm. This figure shows how the July and September precipitation dominated the annual total with no other month reaching average during 2014. Thee 2014 calendar year precipitation total of 204 mm came in well behind the 2013 total of 248 mm. This figure shows the average total annual precipitation for the Sevilleta over the past 26 years. The regression line is not quite significant (P=.0562) but has a slope of -3.05 mm.

Of course water year precipitation is more critical to ecosystem processes than is calendar year precipitation. Also seasonal precipitation plays a big role in plant production during the two growing seasons on the Sevilleta Looking at water year precipitaion at Deep Well for the 1989-2014 water years precipitation during the non-monsoon period averaged 93 mm while the monsoon moisture averaged 139 mm. This figure shows the contribution of each season to the water-year totals.

While precipitation declined from 2013 to 2014, temperatures rose. The average annual temperature in 2014 rebounded back up from that of 2013 This figure shows the comparison of 2014 temperatures with all previous years. Average annual highs, annual lows and mean daily average all popped back above average. Though 2014 is now ranked as the hottest on record this was not the case for the Sevilleta. 2012 holds that record on its much shorter period of record. On a monthly February, June and October were the months with well above average high and low temperatures. These figures show the average monthly highs and monthly lows.

Some 2014 Sevilleta Extremes:
Highest Temperature           39.8 C  (103.7 F) Jun 03    Bronco Well 
Lowest Temperature           -17.3 C  (0.9 F)   Jan 06    South Gate
Maximum Daily Precipitation   40.5 mm (1.59)    Sep 17    Field Station
Maximum Wind Speed      24.0 m/sec (53.6 mph)   Mar 12    Blue Grama

Monthly Notables from the year at the Sevilleta: 
Jan -    No precipitation at all on the refuge 
         No precipitation in 2003 either

Feb -    Second warmest mean daily temperature in 26 year history

May -    Ended 6th driest non-monsoon period in 26 year history

Jun -    Hot early with 2 new record high daily temperature on the 3rd
         and 4th.  Fire on Nunn Flats scorched 514 acres.

Sept. -  Hurricane Odile brought the 5th wettest September on record.

Oct -    Fourth warmest October on record


On a state-wide basis 2014 came in as the 5th warmest year on record and the 52nd wettest.


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