Monsoon Contest - Chapter 2 or 3?

Well it's time to close the book on this years monsoon. I should have kept my email mouth shut. The monsoon turned out to be even stealthier than I thought. Apparently a storm hit in the vicinity of Black Butte last Wed. July 29th and dropped a tidy 30.2 mm (1.19") in the rain gauge attached to a partial met station that is not linked into the wireless network. So this came as a surprise when I pulled the data yesterday.

The official starting time was 1:09 PM. This was actually only a small shower that dropped about 6 mm. The real toad strangler started at 5:08 PM and dropped 21.6 mm in about 20 minutes. Some light rain out continued through the rest of the evening. The two nearest weather stations at Deep Well and Blue Grama saw only 8.2 and 8.3 mm respectively for that day.

Referring to the entrant list below, and with apologies to Cristina Vesbach, the winner of the this years contest is Anny Chung with a prediction of 6 PM on July 29th. Anny I need a T-shirt size from you. Chuck Hayes and Will Brewer pick up 2nd and 3rd place honors.

Of note, this was sort of deja vu all over again. Last years monsoon also started on Jul 29th. Again there had been monsoon type moisture around since early in July but the big one did not come until the 29th. Early July storms contributed more to the 2014 July total of 51.2 mm while this years average total was only 44.2 mm.

So congratulations to this year's winners and with regards to next year....


2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest the Sequel Entrants and Predictions:

			   Date	        	Time
Anny Chung		29 July			6 pm
Hayes, Chuck L		July 29			8:00 pm
Will Brewer		July 29			11 pm
Cristina Takacs-Vesbach	July 31			6:20 pm
Salvador Bastien	August 1		3:00 PM
John Mulhouse		August 1 		4PM
Zlotin, Roman		August 1		6 PM
Seth Munson		August 2		16:34
Scott Collins		August 3		4:02pm
Nicholas Melone		August 4th, 		6:11pm
Megan McClung		August 5th 		4pm
Laura Ladwig		August 7th		4:25pm
Karen Wright		August 7th		4:30 PM
Kristin Vanderbilt	August 8		4:35 PM
John Vande Castle	August 9		1:11 PM
Sophia Zaynor		August 9th		6pm
Jeanne O'Connor		August 9th 		4:07 pm
Jim Thibault		August 16		5:10 PM
Jeannine Kimble		August 17		4:59 pm
Greg Shore		8/22/15			8:22:15

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