Rio Salado Meteorological Station (No. 44)


Rio Salado Meteorological Station (No. 44) is located about 3 km West I-25 just south of the Rio Salado. Site is accessed by taking San Acacia exit, going west and then taking the frontage road back north to the Sevilleta gate. After entering the refuge turn left after about .2 mi and take this road about 1.4 mi to a T in the road at the power lines. An earthen berm stops road travel here and the station is located about 300 m west on the blocked road.

Site Details: 

Bluepoint loamy fine sand
Slope/Aspect: Approximately 1-2 %, easterly aspect. Terrain/Physiography: Terrace just to the south of where this terrace drops down into the Rio Salado floodplain .
Creosote grassland transition - Large patch of Larrea to the west of the station with primarily desert grasses surrounding the station and continuing on to the west as well.
Surface water present only during rainfall events (particularly summer thunderstorms).