Sevilleta News

January Met Central

The cold end of 2015 carried over into the start of 2016. The Sevilleta started 2016 with a 2-week stretch of cold - high temperatures never reached average until the 14th. High temperatures then spent much of the rest of January above average with 2 of the last 3 days of the month breaking daytime records. Ultimately, mean daytime highs averaged over 1 degree C below average while night time lows came in almost exactly average.

Met Central - 2015 Annual Summary

Beginning at the largest scale, 2015 set a new global high temperature record- actually shattering the previous 2014 record.

December 2015 Met Central El Nino Express Has Arrived

El Nino express has arrived. Two big storms hit New Mexico during December. The Sevilleta actually benefited more from the first storm on the 12th and 13th of the month that was a combination of rain and then snow. The second storm that arrived on the 26th and came in very cold and windy. The Sevilleta got considerably more of the snow than Albuquerque did but got nothing like the blizzard that hit the eastern side of the state.

November 2015 Met Central - Would Have Expected More from the Building Super El Nino

With fingers crossed, I'm going to say that it looks like El Nino is still going to be good to New Mexico. However, November precipitation was not anything to write home about... at least not for the Sevilleta. The 9.0 mm refuge-wide average was less than the 11.2 mm November long-term.average There was a considerable spatial disparity across the refuge with the west side of the refuge averaging only 4.6 mm for the month while the east side averaged 12.3 mm.

Fall Has Arrived

Aside from the first frost on the windshield in the morning, the second most defining indicator of the arrival of fall is when all the leaves of the mulberry trees coming raining down after the first real frost of the year. That was this morning (Nov 12)in my neighborhood. While Albuquerque had officially seen its first freeze back on Nov 6 the first leaf- clearing frost did not come until last night

Sevilleta LTER Overview

The Sevilleta LTER (SEV) studies fundamental ecological concepts and theories through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research program guided by the general question:how do abiotic drivers and constraints affect the pulse dynamics and stability of aridland populations, communities and ecosystems?   We focus intensively on Chihuahuan desert grassland and shrubland, juniper savanna and pinon-juniper (PJ) woodland around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley in central New Mexico. Read More