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Sevilleta Researcher Dr. Esteban Muldavin Featured in UNM Daily Lobo

The March 20, 2015 edition of the New Mexico Daily Lobo features an extensive article on Natural Heritage New Mexico director and Sevilleta researcher Dr. Esteban Muldavin. Touching on Dr. Muldavin's background in biology going back to childhood, as well as his current work in conservation and developing the Rapid Assessment Methodology (RAM), the piece is highly recommended reading. Link below:

February 2015 Met Central - Backward Month

February ran backwards, warm and dry for the first 3 weeks and cold and threatening to be wet during the last week. Despite Puxatawney Phil's prediction of 6 more weeks of winter, New Mexico seemed to ignore that prediction and cruised right into spring. The first 10 days of the month were particularly warm with 4 new daily high records set. With a couple of minor dips, daily high temperatures stayed at or above average through the 21st.

Met Central - No Lie - It's been Warm

With all due respect to old George W. on this Presidents Day I will not be telling a lie when I say that February has been a little warm so far. In fact with half the month gone, we are on track for one of the warmests Februarys on record. Through the first 15 days of the month, the average daily high temperature average across the Sevilleta has been 63.7 degrees F. The long-term average daily high for the entire month of February is 56.5.

January 2015 - Met Central - Wet Start to the Year

On average January is the driest month of the year on the Sevilleta with a long-term average of only 7.4 mm (0.29"). The wettest January on the Sev during the LTER (1989-present) tenure was 34.3 mm in 2005 (1.35"). The other end of that spectrum was last year with zero precipitation on the refuge during the entire month. So it was easy to exceed that mark and it was quickly done by a storm on the night of Jan 2 when a wrap-around storm targeted the southern and eastern part of the state with the Sevilleta taking a pretty good hit.

Scott Collins to Present Wed 1/28 Bio Seminar: Effect of Drought and Rainfall Seasonality on Desert Grassland Ecosystems

Dr. Scott Collins will present a talk entitled "Effect of Drought and Rainfall Seasonality on Desert Grassland Ecosystems" at the weekly Biology Department Brown Bag Seminar on Wednesday, 1/28. This talk will include data from projects at the Sevilleta LTER and will begin at noon in 100 Castetter Hall on the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque campus.

Hope to see you there!

Sevilleta LTER Overview

The Sevilleta LTER (SEV) studies fundamental ecological concepts and theories through a comprehensive and interdisciplinary research program guided by the general question:how do abiotic drivers and constraints affect the pulse dynamics and stability of aridland populations, communities and ecosystems?   We focus intensively on Chihuahuan desert grassland and shrubland, juniper savanna and pinon-juniper (PJ) woodland around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in the Rio Grande Valley in central New Mexico. Read More