2018 Graduate Student Summer Fellowship Application

To apply for graduate student summer funding in 2018, a proposal consisting of a two-page project description and letter of support from the major professor must be submitted by e-mail to Jennifer Rudgers by April 27, 2018 (jrudgers@unm.edu). The project description section should include both an introduction and proposed methods. In addition, a budget and approximate timeline for summer work should be presented.

To receive funds, students must agree to provide the Sevilleta LTER Program Manager with all data collected. Appropriate data documentation (metadata) based on LTER metadata standards is also requested. Please indicate your willingness to provide your Sevilleta data to our Program Manager in your application. If accepted, you and your advisor may be asked to sign a form agreeing to provide your data to the Sevilleta LTER.  

For those who have received funding in the past, please describe in a paragraph or two the results of your prior support. Students are eligible for no more than two summer fellowships during their degree program.

Please remember to address all of the above requirements in your application.

The proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee of Sevilleta LTER scientists, based on the following criteria:

· Contribution of the research to the overall goals of the Sevilleta LTER project;

· Significance of the results to a general understanding of population or community theory, or key ecosystem processes;

· Results from prior support, where applicable.

· Demonstrated need.

Stipends will be split into two payments. If you receive a fellowship, you will be responsible for providing all data that has been collected during the summer before receiving the second, smaller stipend payment toward the fall.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Rudgers at: jrudgers@unm.edu.