Sevilleta Education & Research Facility Phase I Complete

Located on the UNM Field Station Allotment at SNWR, the new, state-of the-art UNM Sevilleta Education and Research Facility (SERF) is an incomparable laboratory facility built with federal and state funding.

Phase I construction (ca 10,000 sq ft) has just been completed. Phase II construction (ca 10,000 sq ft) will be finished in late 2007. The completed facility will include four state-of the-art research laboratories designed for work in animal and plant physiology, molecular biology, infectious diseases, environmental sensing, and plant, water and soil chemistry. The facility will include a teaching lab for wet chemistry and a computer and information management training lab including software usability testing facilities. It will also contain an institutional kitchen, an 80-100 capacity conference room, and space for plant and animal voucher collections, in addition to support rooms and equipment (growth chambers, autoclaves, high-purity water, etc.). The completed portion of this building contains research laboratories and collection facilities and will be available for users in January 2007. Along with existing facilities, SERF will permit development of new educational and outreach programs that will compliment current K-12 programs run by FWS, thereby providing extraordinary opportunities for interfacing teaching, outreach and research initiatives.
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