Geology Research Digs Deep On Sevilleta NWR

UNM Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences graduate students Carolyn Dumrose and Debbie Bryans currently conducting extensive soils pit investigations in the McKenzie Flats region of the Sevilleta.

Carolyn and Debbie are collaborating on two different studies, each of which depends on the examination of substrata in large newly excavated soils pits. In laymen's terms, Carolyn is examining the recent history of the alluvial fans of the west face of the Los Pinos Mountains, and Debbie is studying the effects of geology on plants in the McKenzie Flats area. They work together in the field both as a safety measure and also in order to focus activities and minimize impact on the refuge. They have received gracious support from Sevilleta FWS Operations Specialist Renee Robichaud with selection of sites and Ken Wolf (and a large backhoe) with actual excavation of soil pits.
If you are interested in using these soils pits, please contact Debbie Bryans, Carolyn Dumrose, or Renee Robichaud ASAP as they are scheduled to be filled in again by July 1.
Freshly Excavated Soils Pit at Five Points Larrea:
Carolyn Dumrose Describes Ancient Incising and Refilling in Los Pinos Alluvial Fan:
Renee Robichaud and Debbie Bryans Examine Mapped Soils Pit on Los Pinos Alluvial Fan:

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