SevLTER/UNM Biology Phd Candidates Receive NSF Awards

IGERT graduate students Lydia Zeglin and Mary Harner to receive NSF awards which will greatly enhance their dissertation research.

Lydia Zeglin, an advisee of Dr. Cliff Dahm, will receive an NSF Predoctoral Fellowship Award for her research entitled:"Linking structure and function of microbial communities to functionality in the Nitrogen cycle."The 3 year stipend will free Lydia from teaching duties and allows her to focus more energy o­n research.Mary Harner is an advisee of Dr. Manual Molles. She received the NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant for her work entitled:"Stoichiometry and the mutualism between cottonwood trees and mycorrhizal fungi."Both Mary and Lydia are participants in the NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Program.The Sevilleta LTER wishes them good luck o­n their research!!

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