Information Management Overview

The goal of the Sevilleta Information Management System (SIMS) is to facilitate research at the Sevilleta LTER site and beyond by housing and delivering high quality data and metadata. The Sevilleta data archive presently contains data collected under the auspices of the LTER program since its inception in 1988. Contributors to the archive include undergraduate and graduate students, as well as more senior scientists.

Sevilleta LTER manages and distributes data and metadata in accordance with LTER Network policies and best practices. Sevilleta’s Data Use and Access Policy is consistent with the policy for the whole LTER Network. With few exceptions, data are made downloadable from the Sevilleta website within two years of their collection. Metadata are highly detailed such that they facilitate data reuse long after the data were originally archived. Metadata are also encoded as EML (Ecological Metadata Language) and harvested to the LNO’s Metacat, where they are queryable from the LNO’s All Site Data Catalog. Sevilleta also regularly contributes to the LTER Network’s climate database, ClimDB. Sevilleta also maintains an up-to-date list of publications generated by Sevilleta scientists as well as a photo archive.