Field Station Mixed Shrub


The UNM Field Station and USF&WS Headquarters are the primary support facilities for all research conducted on the Sevilleta NWR. As such the area has also been important as a research site - especially as regards meteorology and monitoring of rodent populations for Hantavirus. While the breaks above and behind are characterized as black grama dominated desert grassland, the immediate area around the Field Station is best described as an ecotonal mixture of Plains-Mesa Sand Scrub and Great Basin Scrub vegetaion greatly influenced by honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) and the drainages which bisect the area at regular intervals and support many one-seed Junipers (Juniperus monosperma). Dominant grasses include 4 species of dropseed (Sporobolis contractus, S. cryptandrus, S. flexuosus & S. airoides) and indian rice grass (Oryzopsis hymenoides)