Red Tank Mixed Shrub/Juniper


This site is located in the foothills of the Sierra Ladrones on the west side of the Sevilleta NWR. Red Tank is a man-made earthen drainage pool and is the location of Met Station 43. Research conducted at the site includes soil moisture and erosion studies related to the Sierra Ladrone watershed project.

Site Details: 

The woody vegetation in this stream bed includes juniper (Juniperus monosperma), Brickellia californica, Apache plume (Fallugia paradoxa). On the hills are Junipers and shrubs such as cane cholla (Opuntia imbricata), beargrass (Nolina microcarpa), and Oreganillo (Aloysia wrightii). The herbs in the washes include Lesquerella ovalifolia, and Mirabilis multiflora. The grasses found at this site include three-awn (Aristida sp.), fluff-grass Erioneuron pulchellum, and four species of grama grass (Bouteloua spp.).