Ladron Foothills Pinyon Juniper


Ladron Foothills sites include Red Tank and Two-22 in the foothills of the Sierra Ladrones on the West side of the refuge.

Site Details: 

Soils in the Arroyo Riparian area are loose granitic gravel with many rocks and boulders.
Two-22 site is characterized as Juniper Savanna/Arroyo Riparian (Dick-Peddie 1993). Two-22 trapping webs span 2 two vegetation types. The upland Juniper Savanna portion of the site is dominated by widely scattered, relatively small stature one-seed Juniper. Other shrubs are sparse, including scrub liveoak, skunkbush, tree cholla, pricklypear, and banana and soapweed yucca. Rocky open spaces are dominated by black, hairy, and blue grama. The lower Arroyo Riparian area consists of a more dense, more diverse vegetation, dominated by large specimens of scrub liveoak, one-seed juniper and Apache plume, as well as tree cholla, Engelman cholla (O. engelmanii), pricklypear, broom snakeweed, tarragon (Artemesia dracunculus), sacahuista, chamisa (Chrysothamnus nauseosus), fourwing saltbush, wolfberry (Lycium pallidum), and skunkbush. Grass diversity is relatively high and dominated by blue grama and bush muhly.