Donde esta El Nino

Where is El Nino? Despite the building El Nino this area of the SW
does not seem to be receiving the moisture that we might expected in
an El Nino November. Other than the sizable storm in early October we
saw little moisture in this vicinity during the remainder of Oct. and
to date November has been completely dry in Albuquerque and on the
November is seldom a very wet month in this area. Albuquerque's
long-term November mean is 16.8 mm (0.66"). With the exception of

Is My Snow Shovel Buried in That Drift?

The December Met Central is going to be a bit delayed due to some
recent, weather related events. Until I can get to Cerro Montoso and
collect data, I will have to just pass along some details regarding
our recent bit of snow,
After recently stating that things had not
seemed so snowy around here in recent years, this recent storm will
certainly make me eat those words. While Met Central will contend
that a Dec'58 storm seemed deeper, perhaps it just seemed that way
because I was shorter then.


Compared to other places in the U.S. Sevilleta's August Weather was in a word benign.


Mckenzie Flats apparently had a big bulls-eye on it last week for some
late monsoon storms. To wit:
Sep. 2nd - A storm dumped >1" of precipitation on both sides of the
northern end of the Los Pinos.
Station No. Precip(mm)
Cerro Montoso 42 33.5
Savanna 48 30.3
Blue Grama 50 24.4
Nunn Flats 51 47.8
Field station got 1.2 mm
Sep. 6th - A cloud parked itself over the Blue Grama site for a couple

October Summary

Days averaged cooler than normal while nightimes averaged warmer than normal and precipitation was off a little from average at the Sevilleta

Global Cooling

Global Cooling
December 8, 2005
Yeah, yeah I know it's Global Cooling - seems like every talking head
on TV has used the phrase once in the last few days. I think.. I hope
some of them are just saying it in jest. It has been a wee bit nippy
the last few days and this morning in particular but don't start
watching the horizon for the looming glacier yet.
This mornings low at Deep Well was -19.6 C (-3.3 F). The South Gate
site may have gone even lower. The previous record low for this date


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