What makes for an excellent application?

The Program Coordinator looks at many different aspects of a student's application but generally previous coursework, good grades, extracurricular activities, or relevant work experience. The Coordinator also looks for students with excellent potential but in need of a their independent first research experience. The one area that is invaluable is the personal essay as an indicator of an applicant's background and their interest in the projects offered in this year’s program.

What are you looking for in successful applicants?

Similar to most REU programs, the Sevilleta LTER REU Program receives many more applications than available funded positions. Overall, the pool of students hired will come with a wide variety of experience and educational backgrounds. A small portion of students hired are rising freshman who show an interest in ecology but of course do not have significant course work or experience. The majority of students hired are sophomores and juniors who have a background in relevant science courses.

How many hours do I work per week? Will I work nights and weekends?

Students work typically 40 hours per week however that varies with each project needs. Some projects require early morning, late night or weekend work, which should be included in the project description as well as detailed by the researcher during the interview process. In addition, there are one-hour to two-hour educational workshops and seminars held one to three evenings per week after dinner. All participants are required to attend these educational programs.

What are students paid?

Student compensation includes the following: A stipend of $5,000 for the 11-week session (paid every 2/3 weeks);free furnished housing at the UNM Sevilleta Field Station.
* NOTE: Stipends are paid by the University of New Mexico. The Unversity does not take out federal or state income taxes or social security taxes. The University will submit payment information to the IRS and the students will receive a 1099 Form. Students should plan accordingly, because this income is taxable.*

Will I be reimbursed for travel costs?

Students who travel to the UNM Sevilleta Field Station by their own arrangements will be reimbursed for travel costs up to $500 for one round trip between the Field Station and either their home or school address. If traveling by car, only mileage equal to the cost of a round trip flight will be reimbursed. Travel arrangements can be made by the Administrative Assistant if you are flying, so you won't have any out of pocket expenses.

I am not enrolled in an undergraduate program, am I still eligible to apply?

Our funding is for students who are enrolled in a 2 or 4 year colleges. Students who have completed their associates degree (2 year program) and are going on to get a bachelor's degree (4 year program) are encouraged to apply and will be considered as part of the general applicant pool.
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