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May 2018 Met Central - Still in La Nina Heat

Seemed like a hot May? Well yes and no. It was about what we should
expect for a La Nina.

May temperatures
continued the well above normal trend of most months
this year. Daily temperatures during May were not exceptionally
high but rather so many days of the month ran well above
average. The average daily high temperature for May was the 5th
warmest in the Sev LTER 29-year record while the mean of the daily

April 2018 Met Central - Typical La Nina April

April temperatures
returned to the generally warmer than normal
pattern that was the case through most of the winter. While there were
no daily high temperature records broken during April, there were only
6 days with average high temperatures that ran below the long term
average. Mean daily highs and mean daily lows and mean daily average
temperatures all ran well above normal. In fact this was the 4th

January 2018 Met Central -

During January there was only a slight reduction in the warm and dry
trend that has been the case through most of this winter. However some
of the coldest days of the winter came during the middle of January
but overall the temperatures ran above normal during the early part of the month
and again at the end. With the continuing dry conditions the daytime
highs again ran mostly higher than normal while the nighttime lows ran

December 2017 Met Central - Still Warm, Still No Precipitation

La Nina continues to rule. As in November, New Mexico and most of the southwest spent most of December locked under a great big high
pressure dome. Consequently temperatures soared and precipitation was negligible. The 55 degree F average daily high temperature ran 6 degrees F warmer than the normal daily high temperature of 49 degrees
F. This ties 1995 as the warmest average daily high temperature in the past 29 years. Seven out of the last eight days of the month set new

October 2017 Met Central - Warm and Dry Start to New Water Year

October at the Sev was certainly warmer and generally drier than
normal. Daytime highs saw over 2/3 of the days running warmer than
normal across the refuge. Many days had a met station with a daytime
high well into the 80's. Oct. 6 had a daily maximum temperature of 88
F, setting a new daily high temperature record. Overall,the daily
daytime average highs ran about 2.3 degrees F warmer that normal.

September 2017 - Big Finale to Water-Year

September weather news from the Sevilleta paled in comparison with that from other
places around the country, particularly in comparison to TX, FL and
the Caribbean. - more below.

The September, Sevilleta weather story
was a tale of warm and dry early and cool
and moist by the end of the month. Average daily high temperatures
ran above and or well above normal for the first 23 days of Sep. Then


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