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Where is our Share of the Rain?

Deadly flood-producing rain in southern Utah, inches of rain in portions of SoCal. So where is our share. Granted the 5 minute rain storm yesterday afternoon dropped almost up to 0.2" of rain in some parts of Albuquerque but the total at the Sunport was only 0.04" bringing the official Albuquerque total to 0.10" (2.5 mm) for the month.

August 2015 Summary - Met Central - Driest August Yet

The seemingly promising monsoon just never developed... at least not at the Sevilleta. Despite sufficient moisture in the atmosphere for most of the month, convective thunderstorms could never seem to pass over the refuge. This resulted in a record dry August. There was actually measurable rain on the refuge on 18 days during the month but only one of them was greater than 10 mm and refuge-wide daily averages were all less than 5 mm.

July 2015 Summary - Met Central - Under the Dome

"Under the Dome." That's what it seemed like out on the Sevilleta during much of July. Monsoon moisture actually arrived in NM quite early in July but it seemed to avoid the McKenzie Flats area. Rain fell on the refuge on most days during July. There were only 7 days of July with no recorded precipitation on the refuge. Despite predictions of widespread rainfall most of the storms seemed to form north of the refuge and carry up the valley into Albuquerque and points north.

Monsoon Contest - Chapter 2 or 3?

Well it's time to close the book on this years monsoon. I should have kept my email mouth shut. The monsoon turned out to be even stealthier than I thought. Apparently a storm hit in the vicinity of Black Butte last Wed. July 29th and dropped a tidy 30.2 mm (1.19") in the rain gauge attached to a partial met station that is not linked into the wireless network. So this came as a surprise when I pulled the data yesterday.

Monsoon Update

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, this year's monsoon has not officially begun... at least not on the Sevilleta... at least not according to my criteria. Lots of moisture has been reported throughout the rest of NM but the Sev seems to be living under a dome. Granted there has been some rain somewhere on the Sev on every day but 3 this month but the maximum daily total for any one station is still only 13.0 mm. I have seen reports from other stations around NM of well over 50 mm events. This disparity is exemplified by the difference between Albuquerque and the Sevilleta.

June Summary - Met Central - June Could be Rated Fair

A fair description of June would be... fair... not too hot and not too dry. Temperatures during June generally tracked quite close to normal. The exception was a 3-day (20th-22nd) excursion of temperatures into the +100 degree range. Temperatures then dropped back to near or below normal through the end of the month when we normal expect the hottest temperatures. Average daily high, average daily lows, and average daily means all ran slightly above normal for the month.

2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest Predictions

Below are this years entries for the Monsoon Prediction Contest. Predictions were submitted by 44 people. If you really think that you submitted a guess and it is not on the list, please contact me immediately - it could have gotten lost. There was an 11.3 mm event at Cerro Montoso on the 26th and more moisture is promised for the remaining days of June. July 3rd was the most popular choice this year with 6 selections. July 7th was second with 5 picks.

Time's Awasting

Okay folks, time's awasting. Predictions for this years monsoon
contest have slowed to a trickle... actually to nothing. You may
remember that I predicted that we would probably have to go thru at
least some period of hot and dry before the arrival of the true
monsoons. Well, I think this past week or so should have met those
conditions. Therefore, I might suggest that those still consulting their
favorite seer, crystal ball, or Ouija board get those predictions
sent in soon, before either the monsoon does start or my entry

2015 Monsoon Prediction Contest

If you read all the way to the end of the May Met Central report you will be aware of the reason for the delay to the start of the Monsoon Prediction Contest. An atmospheric circulation pattern, combined with tropical storms off the west coast of Mexico, was predicted to pump a monsoon-quantity of moisture into New Mexico during early June which might have resulted in a "false" start to the monsoon. While this did not happen but may still happen I am going to officially open the contest but with the proviso that no predictions before June 14 will be allowed.

May 2015 Met Central - Record May

Well that was a May for the record books... no not with respect to precipitation but rather with regards to temperature.  The average daily temperatures for May ran more than 4.5o F cooler than normal which was about 1o F cooler than the next coolest May (1992). The average daily high temperatures were almost 6o F cooler than normal which actually tied with 1992 for average daily high.


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