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February 2005- Sevilleta's wettest February follows Sevilleta's wettest January

March 3, 2005

The wettest February in LTER history (37.1 mm) on top of the wettest January in LTER history (34.3 mm) obviously puts the Sev way ahead of any start to a calendar year in Sev's recorded history. The next wettest combined Jan and Feb on the Sev was 34.4 mm in 1993. Albuquerque broke the Jan-Feb record that had stood since Lincoln was president (1863).

June I 2004- Hot and Heavy...

June 22, 2004

Hot Activities

Things have really been hopping down at the Sev this month.

Of note is the installation of a new wireless network which covers most of Mckenzie Flats. A new antenna has sprouted o­n the lab/conference building. This is the base station radio for the new wireless network o­n the Sevilleta. This radio is transmitting to a 2nd newly installed radio atop the granite escarpment south of Bootleg Canyon. This radio in turn is in contact with 2 Access Point radios in the same area. The beams from these 2 radios cover the Mckenzie Flats region.


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