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April 2013 Met Central - Drought Intensifies

April temperatures were on the giant roller coaster ride this month. On a weekly harmonic temperatures went from highs in the 80 degree range and within a day or so they had tumbled with lows in the 20 degree F range with a subsequent climb to above normal again. We should all know that it's not safe to plant tender plants during April but because of the warm days it just becomes too tempting to get that summer planting started.

March 2013 - Met Central - From Cooler February to Warmer March

March transitioned out of a cooler than normal February (and January) and gave us a warmer than normal March. That is not to say that there were not a couple of cold blips. The month started with a warm spell. A cold storm came in and knocked temperatures back down well below normal for a couple of days before temperatures ramped back up to near or well above normal with a new record high temperature set on the 15th.

February 2013 - Met Central - Second Month of Colder and Drier Than Normal

February weather ran backwards. A week-long warm spell started the month but that gave way to below normal temperatures through much of the remainder of the month. Cold air was carried by a series of storms that passed through NM with plenty of wind but little or no moisture - at least not for the Sevilleta area. For average daily temperatures, Feb came in as the 3rd coldest Feb. in the Sev - LTER history - the coldest being 2011 and the 2nd coldest 2004.

January 2013 - Met Central Summary - And The Drought Goes On

The new year seemed to toss us some curves right off the bat. After a record warm 2012, 2013 started off seemingly headed toward the opposite extreme. A couple of southern plunges of the jet stream allowed arctic air to stream into New Mexico for extended periods of time early in January. Night time low temperatures went to new record lows for several days and allowed little rebound for daytime highs.

January 2013 B - Met Central - Too Little Snow, Too Much Cold

January 16, 2013

Well we have weathered the first mighty snow storm of the year actually 2 in one day - a total of 0.2" of snow. It might interest you to know that the National Weather Service (NWS) station at the airport got "no precipitation" on Monday. Actually they reported a trace (<0.01") of precipitation for the day which effectively adds nothing to the totals. Other measurements around Albuquerque by the CoCoRaHS Network showed as much as 0.09". Average January precipitation for Albuquerque is 0.38" - average snowfall is 2.1"

December 2012 - Met Central - Finally Some Wintery Weather

December began with a continuation of warm dry conditions that had prevailed for most of the fall. Wintery weather finally arrived on Dec 9th. Temperatures plunged from a daily record high on the 7th to a record daily low on the 10th. There was some moisture in NM with this storm but not in the Albuquerque, Sevilleta area.

November 2012 - Summary

November is a month when temperatures can still run in the 80's during the day but on average the lows can be expected to be right around freezing. With the way temperatures have been running this year it was not too surprising when temperatures ran at near or above record high levels early in November. This all came to an abrupt end during the second week of the month when a strong storm swept through from the 9th-11th bringing wind, some moisture but certainly very cold temperatures.

November 2012 - Will Winter Ever Come

Despite my wife's prediction to the contrary, I believe we will see some winter weather this year... or at least this water-year. While it can be argued that we have been having very nice weather this fall, the lack of any significant moisture passing through this area has become increasingly noticeable, even alarming, even on top of 2 full years of well below normal precipitation. Of course, this late fall period is not a time that we should expect to see a lot of precipitation.

October 2012 - Met Central Report - Driest October Ever on Sev

October seems to often be feast or famine. With an El Nino predicted for this fall, winter, spring it was expected that we would see normal or above normal precipitation during the month. This certainly did not happen. Long-term, refuge-wide, average precipitation for the Sevilleta is 24.0 mm for October. Instead the Sev basically got a goose-egg. There was one 0.1 mm tip at Cerro Montoso. This does not really qualify as measurable precipitation. This is the driest October in Sev's LTER history; the previous lowest was 0.9 mm in 1995.


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