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August 2012: Met central Report - Remained Hot But Got Even Drier

Despite NOAA's prediction of increased chances of a wetter than normal August the moisture did not ever come. The monsoon moisture flow got pushed over into Arizona during almost the entire month. Back door cold fronts provided most of the moisture and showers during August. While some of these storms produced severe weather events in parts of NM, on the whole storms were rather hit and miss.. with miss being the key word. The average precipitation for the Sevilleta was only 17.4 mm making it the driest August in Sevilleta's 1989-present record.

July 2012: Met Central Report - Another Dry July

August 6, 2012

Despite the relatively early start to the monsoon, July ultimately turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for much of New Mexico. Some areas of the state did fairly well while many areas, not so much. Likewise, some portions of the Sevilleta got above normal precipitation while the majority did not. Most of the Sevilleta rain came in the first 10 days of the month with only the 18th and and 22nd having much precipitation during the rest of the month.

2012 Monsoon Predictions

Below are this years entries for the Monsoon Prediction Contest. Predictions were submitted by 61 people. If you really think that you submitted a guess and it is not on the list, please contact me immediately- it could have gotten lost in my SPAM. People's dates and times should be correct as I just copied and pasted them - hence the variety of formats. July 7 was the most popular choice this year with 6 selections. June 29 and July 1, had 4 picks each. Monsoon type moisture appears to be bubbling up into S.E. Arizona and S.W.

April 2012 - Spring has sprung early

May 6, 2012

April on the Sevilleta supposedly has an average precipitation of just about a half an inch - 12.0 mm. In reality it seems like it never gets this average. Rather it seems to be either much greater than that or much less than that. This year it was considerably greater due to the single storm event at the beginning of the month. The refuge-wide average was 21 mm (0.83") with a range of 14.2 mm at Red Tank in the Ladrons to 24.4 mm at Cerro Montoso. This was almost double the average total precipitation for the first 3 months of 2012 on the refuge.

March 2012 - As La Nina would dictate... warm and dry

March came in like a lion with roaring winds across the state. There were more than a few more even windier days with gusts up over 50 mph on them 18th. March was certainly warmer than normal but this was primarily due to elevated day time highs. The average lows actually ran below normal and with most lows running near or below normal. The daily average temperatures ran about a half a degree centigrade above normal. There were a few big temperature dips as well as cold fronts rolled through.

February 2012 - La Nina Is not letting any precipitation in

March 7, 2012

February cooled off after the warm January. It also dried out... especially in the Sevilleta region.

Multiple storms rolled through New Mexico during the month with variable amounts of punch. The Sevilleta did not end up being in line for any with the bigger amounts of moisture. The refuge-wide average of 1.2 mm was far below even the meager February normal average of 8.6 mm (0.34"). This is actually only the 7th driest February in the 23 year Sev record.


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