Submit Data and Metadata

Submit Data
Please follow these guidelines:

  • Data may be submitted in Excel files or as comma-delimited text files. 
  • Each column must have a concise label representing the name of the variable.  The definition of the variable will be included with metadata, so there is no need for a lengthy name.  
  • No empty cells are allowed in the data file.  Missing data may be coded as 'na' or '.'  if the variable is alphanumeric.   Missing data may be coded as -999 if the variable is numeric. 
  • Data must be thoroughly documented with accompanying metadata. 
  • Please contact the Sevilleta Information Manager with specific questions.

Submit Metadata
Detailed metadata are collected by the SEV LTER so that original and secondary users of a data set will be able to understand the data and reuse it.
Information that you will need to document your data includes an abstract, contact information for the PIs on the project, detailed methods, instrument names, QA/QC procedures, and variable information (e.g., name, units, precision, calculation method).   Please download the below Word file, which will prompt you for the information needed.   If you have any questions, please contact the Sevilleta Information Manager.