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April, 2018 Met Central - Drier Again But Also Cooler

March temperatures roller-coastered throughout the entire month.
They ran
closer to normal than did either of the two previous months although
mean daily highs and meam daily lows and mean daily average
temperatures all ran above normal. There was one new daily high
temperature and one daily low temperature record set during the month.

November 2016 Summary Met Central - Record Precipitation for November

The first big story of November was the monster storm event at the
beginning of the month. See the previous November's Met Central Report and other details below.
Things did dry out following this 4- day onslaught. A storm on the 21st mostly
hit northern NM but added to the inputs on the refuge as well. This pushed the
refuge-wide average total to 45.1 mm - over 4 times the expected
November. This also made it the wettest month of the 2016 calendar year.

June 2016 Met Central - Hot But Not at the Usual Hot Time

June was hot?
Yes, but June was not hot during the period that it is
usually hot. Daily high temperatures for the last week of June all
ran below normal for those days and way below daily record high
temperatures. In any case, from a much cooler than normal May we went
quickly into a decidedly warmer than normal June. The daytime high
temperatures soared above average earlier than normal for June and

April, 2016 Met Central - More like an El Nino Month

After 2 full months plus one week the Sevilleta finally got some real
moisture. A storm on April 8th brought a significant amount of
moisture to all of the Sevilleta rain gauges. Rainfall amounts varied
from 14.3 mm (0.55") at Bronco Well to 4.5 mm (0.18") at Blue Grama.
A second storm four days later delivered greater or equal amounts.
These 2 storms combined to surpass the refuge's usual April quota. An
extendqed series of storms later in the month were predicted to provide

February Met Central - February not very El Ninoish

Okay, so February was not exactly the poster-child month for what one
would have expected from a super El Nino. Snow on the very first day
of the month made it look promising but then things went off the
tracks. Actually early February was very cold with some hopes of
moisture but after the first week a huge high pressure parked itself
over the entire southwest and temperatures soared for the middle third

Monsoon Gone

Monsoon Gone
The National Weather Service (NWS) has declared monsoon season over.
In light of this they have posted a special feature about this and
previous monsoons on their web page:
Included are maps of the spatial distribution of precipitation across
the Albuquerque area for the past 4 years as derived from data from a
relatively new array of precipitation gauges called the Community
Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow (CoCoRaHS) Network. This data
demonstrates how the input of precipitation varies across the

September Summary

October 6, 2008
Nice Chamber of Commerce weather for September.- cool nites seasonably
warm days. However, the moisture ran ran well below normal for the
month. The Sevilleta got some moisture off of Tropical Storm Lowell
but the last half of the month was almost completely dry. This was
only the 6th driest Sept in the Sev LTER history.
With the virtually dry June and
the well below normal September the
2008 monsoon refuge-wide average came in at exactly average - 146 mm.

October Summary

November 5, 2008
Old Business:
ave Gutzler sent a response to last months Met Central regarding my
questioning of how NOAA can predict drier and warmer conditions for
the rest of this year when the ENSO conditions say that we should
expect normal conditions. Bottom line: global warming. Thanks
Dave... but don't let anybody else question my authority... just kidding
On to October. There was a rather quick transition from the dry end
of the 2008 water year and into the start of the 2009 water year.

Rio News

November 20, 2008
The Albuquerque Journal ran a story on Tue. reporting that for the
first time in 22 years the middle Rio Grande had continuous flow
through the entire summer. This meant that there was no need for
rescue operations for the Rio Grande Silvery Minnows.
A look at Rio Grande hydrograph records and Elephant Butte Reservoir
records show that the 2008 water year was indeed one of the best in at
least a decade... especially considering that 2008 was a pretty strong


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