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December 2017 Met Central - Still Very Warm, Still No Precipitation

La Nina continues to rule. As in November, New Mexico and most of the southwest spent most of December locked under a great big high
pressure dome. Consequently temperatures soared and precipitation was negligible. The 55 degree F average daily high temperature ran 6 degrees F warmer than the normal daily high temperature of 49 degrees F. This ties 1995 as the warmest average daily high temperature in the past 29 years. Seven out of the last eight days of the month set new

December 2017 Met Central - Still Warm, Still No Precipitation

GIS at SEV: Waveform Lidar, RapidEye Remote Sensing and the Southwest Ecological Observatory Network

Currently at SevLTER we are developing GIS capability in terms of providing modern SDE geodatabase driven processing and access for site spatial data and metadata. Perhaps more importantly, we are leveraging remote sensing GIS data to answer questions about ecosystem processes.

Sweets Wireless Sensor Web Established at the SEV

SWEETS Project Description:
Advances in science often begin with the development and use of new technologies
and instrumentation. The integration of current 'off-the-shelf' technologies
including microcomputers, microsensors, low-power radio chips, and the Internet
allow the development of a new class of instrumentation that can scale across
space and time, introducing a new paradigm to how we instrument, and even
think about, the environment.

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