Big Sur While ecological research has emphasized experimental, deductive, and reductionist approaches over the last half century, the inherent complexity of ecological systems suggests that other paradigms will be necessary to stimulate important advances in the 21st Century.  Inspired by 19th Century field naturalists, who conducted observations across the entire breadth of the natural sciences, I have developed a horizontally (focusing on vascular plants, lepidoptera, and terrestrial gastropods) and vertically integrated research program that ranges from organism taxonomy through population, community, and spatiotemporal ecology to biogeography, macroecology, and ecological modeling.  The end result of these activities is the identification of general theoretical (and often statistical) principles underlying ecological pattern and process, and the application of these findings to the conservation of biological diversity.  To learn more, follow the fractal design link below or the "Research" link to the left.

Jeffrey C. Nekola